In the last episode (Jan 30), Emiel Kollof said:
> Dan Nelson heeft op woensdag 30 januari 2002 om 19:27 het volgende geschreven:
> >>Number of procs in top(1) shoot up into the ranges of 600+ procs (and
> >>usually defunct). Load average sometimes jumps up into the 100+ (I
> >>kid you not). I doubt that that is desired operation. I only started
> >>seeing this behavior when I switched over to CURRENT, but this mail
> >>is cc'd to ports@ too, just in case. It makes using portupgrade(1) as
> >>tense as a good thriller flick (will my system survive? The
> >>suspense!)
> >
> >I've had that happen when I put typos in /etc/make.conf (i.e. syntax
> >errors or HAVE_/WANT_ variables that don't belong there).
> Hmm, curious. The symptoms disappeared when I commented the line
> USE_GCC30=TRUE out of my make.conf. I switched it on because I read
> on the current@ list that someone enabled it and didn't have any
> problems...
> Is USE_GCC30 actually supported? Should I just keep my hands off
> that?  Or will it be a valid knob to switch over in the near future?

That was me, actually.  I forgot to mention that I had a local hack in to fix a little recursion problem with USE_GCC30 :)

The problem is that USE_GCC30 really means "make this port depend on
gcc30, and set CC=gcc30".  But adding that flag to /etc/make.conf makes
gcc30 depend on gcc30, so during the find-dependencies stage, you get
recursive makes.  I added code for a WITH_GCC30 flag that simply sets
CC=gcc30 without adding the dependency, and put WITH_GCC30=YES in

--- 24 Jan 2002 01:15:03 -0000      1.397
+++ 30 Jan 2002 21:10:24 -0000
@@ -916,6 +916,11 @@
 BUILD_DEPENDS+=        gcc30:${PORTSDIR}/lang/gcc30
 MAKE_ENV+=             CC=${CC} CXX=${CXX}
+.if defined(WITH_GCC30) && ${OSVERSION} < 500999
+CC=                            gcc30
+CXX=                   g++30
+MAKE_ENV+=             CC=${CC} CXX=${CXX}
 .if defined(USE_LINUX)
 RUN_DEPENDS+=  ${LINUXBASE}/etc/redhat-release:${PORTSDIR}/emulators/linux_base

        Dan Nelson

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