Bruce Evans wrote:
> > basically it seems to get pissy if it doesn't get the file slot it asks
> > for, so if another thread wins the race here, we'll panic.  this problem
> > seems to also exist for 4.x and previous versions of freebsd.
> >
> > I'd like to get this fixed.  Any suggestions?  I think simply
> > removing the assertion should remove this hazzard, correct?

I think if you delayed the allocation, it'd be OK, but I don't
see a clean way to do it without a bit of work.

> Something like that.  This was apparently missed when the retry loop was
> added.  Lite2 has the panic but not the retry loop.
> BTW, the retry loop also picks up changes to the limit on descriptors.
> In fdalloc(), the corresponding limit is treated as a loop invariant,
> but it is not invariant.  I think the process's rlimit can't change,
> but maxfilesperproc can change even if the process doesn't block, since
> it is not protected by FILEDESC_LOCK() :-(.  Fortunately, the
> maxfilesperproc limit isn't very important.

I think this is a requirement.

The problem is the case where the maxfilesperproc has *not*
changed, and some other thread wins the race to the last one,
you have to honor that, and fail the current attempt.

Retries are fugly.  8-(.

-- Terry

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