Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> There's a bunch of bogosity in the ordering of allocation of
> slots in the filedesc versus filling out the struct file and
> insertion into the list that I need to work out.  I should be
> able to take a swipe at it in a couple of weeks hopefully.

It's very tempting to put an API to it, and make everyone use
it the same way, to guarantee consistency.

It's also very tempting to hack the crap out of it to seperate
file access itself from the system call layer itself, so that
file slot allocation is something that is system call layer
specific, which would greatly enhance the ability to do kernel
level file I/O and other things.  AIX has a nice model, here.
Doing that would put the API barrier at the system call layer
along, which would clean up almost everything that needed to
use it.

-- Terry

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