On 20-Jan-02 Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Alp Atici wrote:
>> Is gcc 3.x going to be the default compiler starting from FBSD 5.x
>> series? Is the development on current branch compiled using gcc 3.0 (or
>> up)? 
>> Is 5.x series going to be based on a preemptible kernel?
> Can't answer the gcc question, but yes, John Baldwin currently has support
> for preemption in his SMPng development tree.

The kernel is already somewhat preemptive.  The kernel in 5.0 will certainly be
preemptible, as making a kernel SMP safe makes it laregly preemptible (i.e,
safe for preemption) as well.  Making the kernel "fully" preemptive (i.e., we
can switch tasks on any setrunqueue() if the conditions favor that) is actually
a fairly esay thing to do, I'm just not sure how well it works right now. :)  I
just recently fixed some bugs in the alpha pmap code that should help out with
getting our kernel closer to that goal.


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