> > I checked and compiled the recent -CURRENT tree,
> > buildworld and buildkernel goes all fine.
> > 
> > When booting it seems to crash on initialization
> of my
> > Promise controller and get "bad ivar request (4)".
> I
> > stripped all possible drivers out of the
> kernelconfig,
> > except for the ata driver, and it still crashes. I
> > then see a couple of pci0: <sumdevice> (no driver
> > attached), and when it should come to my Promise,
> BAM!
> The "bad ivar request (4)" message does *not* come
> from the ATA driver, you must have something else
> that is ruining your day... Does it boot if you
> take out the promise board ?

Gonna try this evening.

I was first suspecting that it's the txp driver (I got
a 3com 3CR990 NIC), but when I disabled most drivers
incl txp, it didn't recognize all the cards, but still
never managed to get over my Promise.


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