> > I finally pulled the Promise out and it boots.
> Since I
> > need it for some Windows apps on the same box I
> put it
> > back in and commented some lines in ata driver
> > regarding the detection of Promise Fasttrak
> > controllers and it boots now w/o detecting it.
> This is strange, the error message you got is *not*
> from the ATA driver, and putting a TX2 in a system
> here work just fine, I'm out of ideas....

Well, maybe some other system/PCI code has been
changed and doesn't work so well with the detection
code in ata-raid.c? This would be my first guess, but
I am no big programmer and I'm even less aware how it
kernel internas work.

To be exact, I commented stuff in ata-raid.c,
ata-dma.c and ata-pci.c (everything related to device
ID 0x4d68105a). And I made ar_probe to return 1
immediately. Like this I can leave the Promise in w/o
getting that error.

It happens on GENERIC and the configured kernel.

PS booting verbose doesn't throw any usable info at

PS2 my TX2 has BIOS 2.00 build 2 located in PCI slot
5. The mobo chipset is a VIA 694XDP.

I hope this info helps.


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