On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 12:38 +0100, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> [ snipped ATAPI -> SCSI conversion ]
> Doesn't burncd work for you on -current ?

Well, since you asked about it ... :)

Back in June I told you about the progress meter bogus
values in burncd and provided a patch in a private message
(<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) to you.  After some
silence I opened PR bin/30893 ("[PATCH] burncd(8) progress
meter") in September.  This one got closed in December with a
"Fixed, but done differently than this patch." comment.  Since
I haven't seen any such fix and it was not fixed some time
after your closing the PR I followed up to it in January,
asking you to reopen PR bin/30893 or to apply its fix or to
fix the problem in another way.

The bug (talking about a few million percent completion of
the job, while one hundred should suffice) is still there.
Can you have one more look at
please?  Especially the simple and straight fix in its
opening.  This shouldn't take eight months to wait for
or doing hard fights to get it fixed ... :(  (I know you
were busy back then changing jobs and moving, but the later
closing wasn't appropriate without a fix.)

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