Paul van der Zwan wrote:
> > I lost /dev/speaker.  I don't know if this is related to patch but
> > with my previous installed build (a bit old, of December 11, 2001)
> > I have those lines on /etc/usbd.conf:
> >
> > attach  "/bin/chmod 666 /dev/${DEVNAME} && echo L16cce > /dev/speaker"
> > detach  "echo L16eec > /dev/speaker"
> >
> > and I got a small tune on attach but nothing on detach.
> > Now I am unable to play notes on /dev/speaker.  Any hint?
> >
> I have no crashes but the detach action is never executed when I switch off
> my Sony camera ( it has never worked as far as I know)
> Attach actions are executed fine..

PHK was threatening to murder /dev/speaker to work
around some clock issues that would be hard to nail
down the right way.

It may be that the clock code was changed recently,
and your CVSup got the (putatively) new clock code
at the same time as the USB fixes.

-- Terry

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