|whoever wrote:
|> Sorry work kept me from getting back to you immediately
|> following is the error i am getting ....
|> i cvsuped the src on February 7th
| >
|> > --------Version of my vfs_syscall
|> $FreeBSD: src/sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c,v 1.220 2002/02/01 18:27:16 alfred Exp 
|Are you sure you actually built and installed the world & kernel after 
|you cvsup'd?
|Michael Nottebrock

I just checked again the kernel causing this trouble was built after
cvsuping.  And I am pretty sure I did the make world after
cvsupping too. I dont know how to check for that though. 
Just out of curiosity should make world matter
in this instance. is the said file used by some libraries also?

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