whoever wrote:

> absolutely.
> I just checked again the kernel causing this trouble was built after
> cvsuping.  And I am pretty sure I did the make world after
> cvsupping too. I dont know how to check for that though. 
> Just out of curiosity should make world matter
> in this instance. is the said file used by some libraries also?

I just asked because I can't reproduce this anymore (I cvsup'd some six 
hours ago, rebuilt everything, with invariants and witness on, I even 
tried it with the port you reported, plus erasing and adding a few other 
random rpms). You might want to try cvsup'ing and updating everything 
again, make sure you are actually running the new kernel, and, if the 
problem persists, get a trace of the panic and report it to the mailing 

Michael Nottebrock

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