"George V. Neville-Neil" wrote:
> Is there a single document, or small set of documents, that describes getting
> started kernel hacking on FreeBSD?  How about a set of URLs?
> I would like something that tells me about (in no particular order)
> 1) debugging over the serial line, and remote debugging in general

Use the handbook description.  The only caveat is that you need to
tell it to break to gdb before you start the GDB on the debugging
system, or you'll get serial synchornization errors; this isn't
documented in the handbook, but it is nevertheless true.

> 2) Building for 5.0 on 4.x (if possible though I suspect I should not do this)

Avoid doing this if you can.  If you can't, then use a chroot'ed
image of CDROM #2 to do the job.  You should also copy in the ps,
w, /kernel, etc. and other libkvm-using programs if you plan on
using them, and make sure that you copy in /dev (in 5.0, there
would be a devfs, and you don't have onw) and mount the procfs in
the chroot environment.

> 3) Best practices for dealing with my own versions of files while also
> working with cvsup.

Keep a seperate repository of your own stuff.

Some people will tell you to trust the "magic" numbers for
revision tags, which are poorly documented in a couple of
places, but really, you want to maintain full revision
history, and have a lesser problem merging, so you're better
off importing the kernel (if you are hacking the kernel),
and anything else you are hacking, into a private repository,
by bringing it in on a vendor branch.  See the CVS FAQ.

If you also want to risk CVSup with the "magic" tags, look
for the documentation that John Polstra has written (I think
there is also a Daemon News article, FWIW).

> Those are a good start for now.
> BTW If none exists I will try to write this up in the form of a tutorial
> and post it at some point.

If you want to write it up as something like "Building a
FreeBSD derived System" or something like that, it would
make a good Dameon News article.

-- Terry

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