:> -    mtx_lock(&Giant);
:> -    td->td_retval[0] = p->p_ucred->cr_ruid;
:> +    s = mtx_lock_giant(kern_giant_ucred);
:> +    td->td_retval[0] = td->td_ucred->cr_ruid;
:>  #if defined(COMPAT_43) || defined(COMPAT_SUNOS)
:> -    td->td_retval[1] = p->p_ucred->cr_uid;
:> +    td->td_retval[1] = td->td_ucred->cr_uid;
:>  #endif
:> -    mtx_unlock(&Giant);
:> +    mtx_unlock_giant(s);
:>      return (0);
:What a waste.. John has already done all this stuff already (using
:td_ucred instead of p_ucred) over the entire tree.

    He didn't instrument Giant, and if you actually believe that one
    massive commit is going to be more stable then the piecemeal safe-mode
    commits I am making then you are smoking something.  Or are you
    expecting John to commit his patchset piecemeal as well and test
    inbetween?  If that is so, then he just wasted a whole lot time
    managing all this junk in P4 because, frankly, it only took me a few
    minutes to instrument the easier system calls.  I spend far more
    time testing.


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