On Wednesday, 20 February 2002 at 18:35:37 -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Greg Lehey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020220 18:26] wrote:
>> I'm not picking on jhb here.  This is the project's fault, not any
>> individual's.  We need some kind of project management to coordinate
>> this effort, or the results will be seriously suboptimal.  I would
>> certainly not like to see dillon go away because it's too difficult to
>> work with the project.
> First with the code complete has it go in.  Seems pretty simple
> enough doesn't it?

Too simple.  It's not the "code complete", it's the correct code to
implement a part of the overall goal.  And we should be working
together, not duplicating each other's efforts.

> I've had quite enough of people telling others to hold off because
> "i'll have the feature any day now", or "that fix is in my local
> tree".

That's a detail, though admittedly one that needs to be addressed.  We
have more serious issues.  Last Friday I asked for an overall project
plan, and I still haven't seen one.  Yes, we had some useful
discussions, but it's still not enough.  If it took Sun 8 years of
(relatively) careful project planning to get their SMP up to a
reasonable standard, how can we hope to succeed if we don't even
decide what we're trying to do?

Two years ago I spoke with you on the phone about SMP, and said that I
didn't think that the project could cope with such a pervasive change.
That's why I was happy when BSD[Ii] dropped both the design and the
code into our lap, and we had an SMP project manager (for all of 6
months).  Looking back now, we're making the same old mistakes.

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