:The existing very bazaar and local policy in rc.diskless1 is Just Wrong;
:and looks like no other Unix diskless configuration I've ever seen.  I
:plan on committing this patch to negate this.
:The use of an MFS /var should also be settable.  Otherwise installing
:ports(packages) is just a total PITA.

    While you've got rc.diskless* broken open it would be great if 
    you could implement an override rc variable that completely overrides
    the script.  i.e. so someone can set 'rc_diskless_script' in
    /etc/rc.conf (on the server) and /etc/rc will run that instead of
    /etc/rc.diskless1 if the machine is booted diskless.

    The problem we face is that the rc.diskless* scripts are simply not
    flexible enough to cover everyone's needs (or even most people's needs)
    and we need to provide a mechanism to allow the sysad to write his own
    without forcing him to edit a 'system standard' script (i.e.
    /etc/rc.diskless1 itself).

    In anycase, if you don't have time to add this I'd appreciate a head's
    up after you are done-and-committed your diskless scripts and I will
    have a go at it.


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