On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 02:13:22PM -0500, Jake Burkholder wrote:
> >  echo "+++ mount_md of /var"
> > -mount_md ${varsize:=65536} /var 1
> > +mount_md ${varsize:=32m} /var 1
> One problem with making the mds so big is that it uses type malloc
> which afaict uses malloc(9) to get the backing store.

I only changed the syntax for the size to something easier to read, but
not the size itself.

> much with M_WAITOK you might go to sleep and never be woken up.  It
> might be better to use type vnode with file or swap based backing
> store.  

No opinion :-)

> sparc64 machines tend to have more ram than older pcs that
> this might also be used on  :)

one can set varsize=2m in /etc/rc.conf is they need to. :-)

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