What I've done this WE was updating a very recent -Stable box to
-Current (as described in UPDATING): this sems mostly not risky : as
long as the make buildworld + make buildkernel does not succeed, you
keep your valid -Stable machine.

this is for the upgrade to a -Current.

Afterwards, there is a paper by Matt Dillon (subject "My Recommended
Development/Testing environment for -current", on -current, which
mwlucas could include in the "official" doc tree), which seems to give
good guidelines to update a -Current machine from a -Stable one : this
is what I intend to do, but with the same box, dual-booting between
-Stable and -Current)

As a thread on -current indicated, the state of -Current is surpisingly
good : I'm now port-compiling Gnome (KDE couldn't compile, though)


PS : this is on an SMP box, of course ...

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