On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 02:43:02PM -0700, Warner Losh wrote:
> : > the same as publishing it. P4 is an aid to the developer to do PRIVATE
> : > work. As long as the work is in P4 it is up to the developer to
> : > keep it in sync with -current. From the project's perspective
> : > work in P4 doesn't exist.
> How is it different than publishing patches on a web site?

fetch comes with my FreeBSD system.
Obviously I can also use a MUA.

> There are a number of tools that one needs to have to get the patches,
> just like in P4.  The P4 repo is available from cvsup10, 

So I would need to either create space for the 1gig repo (so I've heard),
or create scripts to only CVSup part of the tree, plus figure out what
the branch name is, etc..

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