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            Garance A Drosihn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: I think the main issue here is how long the real repository can be
: "locked" while waiting for some change to show up.  If work can
: keep going into the main repository, then what does anyone care
: if someone is tracking their own personal work using CVS, or
: perforce, or a bunch of home-grown shell scripts?

Apart from Matt, who has encountered this so-called lock?  I'm
curious, since I haven't seen anybdoy else complaining about it
directly.  I've not encountered it at all in the stuff I've been
working on.  There have been a number of recent locking changes go
into the tree, for example.

There have been times in the past that waiting for a maintainer lock
has been worse, but people haven't raised near the stink about that in
quite some time.  True, most maintainers are responsive, but some are
not or go through periods where life happens.

All large projects are going to suffer from this problem, not matter
the SCM used.  p4 is good for some things, bad for others.  ditto cvs.
However, if the SMPng folks were using a private CVS tree, we'd have
similar issues to what we have now (where to get the tree, what
package name, etc) with p4.  If we do it in the regular FreeBSD, we
get lots of repo-bloat as everyone has their own side branch that they
MFC stuff into from time to time.

It is a no-win situation for people doing large amounts of work, if
you want my opinion.  The SMPng folks picked a tool that was good for
them, and scaled well to the folks that were active in the project.
It didn't scale well after a certain point not because it wasn't a
good tool, but because people didn't want to learn it (or didn't have
the time).

I do not believe that p4 is the source of all this evil.  People are
wrapping too many issues up with it and claiming, falsely in my
opinion, that p4 is the root of all evil.  I have trouble believing


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