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: So, how do we get our attitudes adjusted before hitting a wall,
: as many companies I've worked for did?  It comes back to agreeing
: on a process by which we work.  We have one now, it may not all
: be written down, but we do have it.

That's the $64k question.  Our current worst case is the "rock
tumbler" school of management.  You put everybody together in one big
hopper and spin.  This knockes the rough edges off people.  However,
it doesn't take into account differing "hardness" of the material that
people are made from so sometimes you end up with a hard rough rock
and dust, which is not a desirable outcome.

We have a process that varies depending on who you ask.  Some of that
variance is simple imprecision of words, while some of it is wishful
thinking (maybe unconscious) about what can and can't be done.  Our
established guidelines work well when they work, but do not handle the
"degenerate" cases where someone has "life happen" or when there's a
fundamental disagreement.  In those cases, we're back to the "rock
tumbler" school of management.


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