On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 11:00:14AM -0500, Matthew Emmerton wrote:
> I'm working on porting this right now.

great news! what is the current status and have you set up a website
for the project or will it be a "simple" portsentry with some patches? (I
thought it would require some more rewriting than a usual port+patches, but I
could be wrong, haven't looked at the code yet).

> Be forewarned, though, that the FreeBSD hacks for this tool will
> *never* be allowed into the main distro.  Why?  Licence.  Valgrind
> includes some code from the Linux kernel and libc.  When we hack it for
> FreeBSD, we'll end up putting some BSD-licenced code into a GPL
> product.  Obviously, this will cause problems.

as long as it can exist in the ports-collection I will be more than pleased.

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