On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 11:00:14AM -0500, Matthew Emmerton wrote:
> Be forewarned, though, that the FreeBSD hacks for this tool will
> *never* be allowed into the main distro.  Why?  Licence.  Valgrind
> includes some code from the Linux kernel and libc.  When we hack it for
> FreeBSD, we'll end up putting some BSD-licenced code into a GPL
> product.  Obviously, this will cause problems.

Actually, this doesn't cause as many as you might think.

GPL'd code can swallow BSDL'd code.  BSDL'd code cannot swallow GPL'd
code.  You could probably get your code assimilated into the main
valgrind distro.

FreeBSD also includes (among others) gdb, which is GPL'd.  Since
valgrind is not necessary to run a minimal FreeBSD install, it's OK.
(Note that I'm not advocating assimilating it into the main system,
I'm just saying that the license isn't an impediment.  :-)


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