On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, David O'Brien wrote:

> Fixes to "make it compile" are not desired.  Fixes that are are *FIXES*
> are.  If you are unable to understand why dv_ispfw is `const'; just
> follow the advice of adding:
>     makeoptions NO_WERROR=true
> to your kernel configuration.

Did that last night.  Ended up with a kernel that blew up on boot, but
from reading, that's what others were getting on UP systems as well.  It
was not urgent for me to rebuild, just trying to get a working kernel with
sound installed.  It can wait a day or three as needed for a stable build,
I've got a good kernel from Feb 08 to run on until then.

FWIW, I agree with your "Fixes should fix something" ideal.  I'm slowly
getting to the point where I can understand some of the code, but I'm no
kernel hacker yet.  One of these days I'll start testing the waters with
patch submissions, but not until I feel I understand the system a bit


Stephen L. Palmer

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