On 27-Feb-2002 (18:35:18/GMT) Scott long wrote:

> You don't mention how your kernel is presently configured
> or what other troubleshooting you've done, so all you can
> hope to receive are wild guesses like:

Usually I don't make stupid questions (I think), sorry for
wasting your time, but after 4 auto-reboot on last 24 hours
I'm not sure of nothing, even of my name  :)

> - Configure a kernel with the umass, scbus, and da devices,
>   along with the standard usb devices.  This is documented
>   in both the GENERIC config file and NOTES...

Sorry, last time I checked comment I got (for device umass):
USB Iomega Zip 100 Drive (Requires scbus and da) so I think
that was only for Zip, not for all.

> (as I assume that you are running -current)

Yes, of course (from 3.0).  I missing only da devices  :(
Going to rebuild world and kernel...

[...after 4 hours...]

puff, puff, pant, pant...  reboot...

:(  The same, ugen0, ugen0.1 and ugen0.2 but build seems fine,
it compile all world and kernel without need of NO_WERROR.

> - There may be a bug.

A bug would be better than a need for a custom driver for win.
Have you any idea of what can I check now?


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