I've been following the flame between John and Matt,
and the one about P4 some days ago. Matt, you're an
excellent  coder, I've been following your work since
the Amiga days with DICE. Same to you John, your work
on SMPng is excellent.

Do you guys want to know what the problem is? There's
a TOTAL LACK of communication between you, and I don't
mean only Matt and John, but most kernel developers.
Why don't you try to solve the communication problem
first? The problem is not P4, it's not who's patches
are right, it's that nobody seems to know what the
other is working on. Use this mail list, use irc, set
up some regular meetings, but keep all the rest of the
developers informed on what you do or are going to.
God knows how many duplicate work and flame wars this
can save.

All this flaming can only hurt the project and gives a
very bad impression to external viewers.

Just my $0.02


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