On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 05:42:10PM +0100, Riccardo Torrini wrote:
> On 03-Mar-2002 (16:31:36/GMT) Crist J. Clark wrote:
> > How does one change the permissions on dynamically created
> > devices? That is, when the node comes into existence, it has
> > the permissions I want, and not necessarily the defaults.
> You can (must?) use /etc/rc.devfs
> [...]
> # Setup DEVFS, ie permissions, links etc.
> [...]

I think some people missed the point of the earlier question. My
problem is with devices that are created dynamically as they get

I can put,

  chmod 640 /dev/bpf{0,1,2,3}

In rc.devfs, and I will have joy for the first four bpf(4)
devices. That command creates them and gives them the permissions I
want. However, once someone tries to use /dev/bpf4, a new device is
dynamically created with the default permissions, not the permissions
I want.

But creating 'n' devices at boot will do for now (especially since we
used to be restricted to 'n' bpf(4) devices in the kernel
configuration, so it almost resembles historic behavior).
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