> >Do you have any designs for this ruleset stuff? From what you said
> >at BSDconEurope it will have to be fairly complicated to achieve
> >the your aim of being better than a static permission for a given
> >device.

> Not really, the basic idea is just a linked list of rules:

>       name=="/dev/uscanner*" -> chmod 0644
>       driver=="bpf" -> chown user

> It's not too much work, I just havn't had the time for it yet.
> (Junior Kernel Hackers can apply here :-)

OK - I thought you had something much more complex in mind after
your example: "plugging the nuclear reactor into the serial port
where you had a a modem plugged in yesterday".

I presume you'd push the rules in using sysclt or did you have
something more filesystem like in mind?

> >Otherwise, one option would just be to have devfs check for a file
> >in the /dev directory it is mounted over and then use that files
> >permissions as a default. That would at least get us back the
> >features of the old /dev which we're missing now.

> This is much harder than you think...

I didn't for a moment think it might be easy ;-)


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