Hi all,

Unfortunatly I have a example from the ports, needed
by OpenOffice port (work in progress)

cd /usr/ports/devel/stlport/ && make install
cd /usr/ports/devel/stlport/work/STLport-4.5.3/test/eh
gmake -f gcc-freebsd.mak

[vector] :testing n-size constructor (const) ... 95 try successful
[vector] :testing pointer range constructor (const) ...
Bus error - core dumped


remove the three -O from gcc-freebsd.mak and run it again.

You will see that all tests are successfully done.

[hash_multiset] :testing default constructor (const) ... 2 try successful
[hash_multiset] :testing iterator range n-size constructor (const) ... 127 try
[hash_multiset] :testing copy constructor (const) ... 54 try successful
[hash_multiset] :testing assignment operator (weak) ... 53 try successful
[string] :testing copy constructor (const) ... 2 try successful
[string] :testing assignment operator (weak) ... 1 try successful
EH test : Done


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