Exception-handling is broken with -O in -stable, and has been for years.
FreeBSD is one of the few systems that use setjmp/longjmp stack unwinds
to implement exceptions, so when the GCC folks broke that path, it was
never fixed.  There are supposedly patches floating around that fix the
problem, but they either didn't work as advertised or the ball got dropped.

This problem should exist in -current since I think FreeBSD finally drops
setjmp/longjmp stack unwinds and goes to dwarf 2 unwinds, which do work
(and which are used by the GCC 2.95 port, which also works but which
isn't compatible with /usr/lib/libstdc++.{a,so}).

This issue is why Yahoo! has to use its own build of GCC, and I doubt
we're the only ones...


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