At 5:43 PM +0200 3/7/02, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>"Michael D. Harnois" wrote:
>  > Could this have anything to do with the fact that, since I built
>  > world yesterday, I can't log in as root?
>Bah, just completed `make world' after doing `make includes' and
>found that I can't login as *any* user, not only root!!!!!!!
>Login just hangs after entering password and nothing goes on.

For anyone who is stuck with this problem, note that the problem
happens when doing a normal password check.  So, you *may* be
able to work around this if you have something like "authorized
keys" set up in openssh.

Or maybe you can log in as one userid, but not some userid like
root (that was my problem -- every userid worked fine except for
root).  If you're lucky enough to set up 'sudo' for a userid you
*can* log into, you may be able to use that to become root.

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