I have the UMA patch installed on two systems here, a 500Mhz K7 system and
dual PIII SMP box, both of which have WITNESS and INVARIANTS configured in
the kernel. I will run them for the next few days, and report anything that
looks unusual in operation :)


>I'd like people to test with WITNESS and INVARIANTS, although with these
>options on it is somewhat slower than the original kernel.  With these
>disabled it is on par.  If you have a SMP machine you will get witness
>warnings if you run low on memory.  There is no real problem except that
>witness doesn't understand that the condition is safe.
>If you do test this patch, please send me an email so I know how many
>people are using this.  If you get a lock order violation other than
>"acquring duplicate lock of same type" please let me know.  If you get a
>panic, please give me a stack trace (tr in ddb) and the output of "call
>uma_print_stats" in the debugger if that is possible.
>This has been debugged and tested over several months so it is quite
>stable for me.  Hopefully it will be stable for you too. :-)
>The patch and new files are available at:
>Untar into src/sys and apply the patch.  After you rerun config you should
>be ready to compile.
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Glenn Gombert

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