I have an updated copy of my kernel memory allocator available for general
testing.  If you aren't familiar with this allocator you may want to look
at the arch@ archives under "Slab allocator".

This patch has been tested on SMP alpha and single proc x86.  It depends
on recent current changes, so fresh sources are expected.  This patch is
missing the necessary vmstat changes, so you will want to use 'sysctl
vm.zone' to view your memory usage.

I'd like people to test with WITNESS and INVARIANTS, although with these
options on it is somewhat slower than the original kernel.  With these
disabled it is on par.  If you have a SMP machine you will get witness
warnings if you run low on memory.  There is no real problem except that
witness doesn't understand that the condition is safe.

If you do test this patch, please send me an email so I know how many
people are using this.  If you get a lock order violation other than
"acquring duplicate lock of same type" please let me know.  If you get a
panic, please give me a stack trace (tr in ddb) and the output of "call
uma_print_stats" in the debugger if that is possible.

This has been debugged and tested over several months so it is quite
stable for me.  Hopefully it will be stable for you too. :-)

The patch and new files are available at:

Untar into src/sys and apply the patch.  After you rerun config you should
be ready to compile.


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