On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 06:34, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> The GEOM code is now ready for early testing:

Would GEOM support accessing a device via multiple paths? (ie could we
write a method that would do that?)

My current situation is that I have a couple of IBM ESS F20 Sharks each
with 3 fibre channel cards hooked to 3 brocade switches.  When I
allocate a LUN out of either shark it appears as 3 separate devices. 
IBM ship software called "SDD" that provides a single virtual device
"VPATH" on NT, Solaris and AIX and load balances.

At the moment when I hook up a FreeBSD box I just select one of the
devices and ignore the others.  Mildly annoying and I have to bring down
the FreeBSD boxes when we upgrade the microcode on the shark.


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