On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 01:37:39PM +0100, Jan Stocker wrote:
> A little bit... most of you argumenting about binary incompatibility
> for -stable. OK... no chance to do it there, its my opinion too. But why not
> doing it for current and using that most common dwarf unwinding now (for a

There is no need to cause developers to go thru several ABI changes such
that they cannot get their other FreeBSD development done.  With GCC 3.1
a number of ABI changes will happen.

> > Port has less patches.  If you look at
> > /usr/src/contrib/gcc/contrib/freebsd.h and
> > /usr/src/contrib/gcc/contrib/i386/freebsd.h you will see how much things
> > have to be modified because we support dual ELF/a.out [still].
> This may be changed too for 5.0 shouldnt it?

Why?  I don't see how you justfied removing the functionality and I don't
see how it is causing you any problems being there.

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