"Brian T.Schellenberger" wrote:
> Well, the linux-netscape 4 is the only browser I know that can handle Java
> pages on FreeBSD.
> Are there others?
> If you mean the FreeBSD-native netscape 4.x; yes, it's perfectly silly to run
> *that*.

4.7 does this just fine, if you don't move the mouse until
it's done loading.  That restriction only exists for image
mapped interfaces, where the Java GIF loader is used, and
then only if the image loading is not serialized by the
page design.

Note that only Solaris, Windows, and Linux, all of which
assume (incorrectly) that a threaded process that is
preempted involuntarily  will resume executin in the
thread that was runningat preemption time, handle the
concurrent image loading correctly, if you move the mouse
or otherwise cause input to the browser before the loads
are complete.

Basically, it's bad threading assumptions, and it's fixed
in a more recent version, if you can find one.

-- Terry

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