After sometime I tried myself on the kernel debugger
and did a trace (I dont have a 2nd puter, so i had to
write it down per hand):

panic(c05611d5,4,c59e6070,c59fbb80,c5a11880) at
acpi_read_ivar(c59fbb80,c5a0f380,4,c0595bc0) at
ata_pci_match(c5a11880) at ata_pci_match+0x854
at ata_pci_probe+0xd

So my box crashes in acpi when it tries to initialize
my Promise. When I comment out the regarding code in
ata, the box boots fine, all other devices work. The
kernel is a week old I think. But it did it already a
couple of weeks before. I saw that there's a new BIOS
update out again for my mobo, I'll try that one and
also update the kernel again.

My config is:
Asus CUV4X-D VIA 694XDP Bios 1010
2x Intel PIII-933

Cards are inserted in this order:
Creaf Geforce3
Intel PRO1000/T
Creaf SB Audigy
3com 3CR990
Promise FastTrak TX2
Adaptec 29160N

Thanks for any help.

Tom Servo.

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