Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> :Hi,
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> :Sorry to unwantedly butt in, but the patch supplied by Seigo actually
> :solved the vm_map.c locking problems which used to come up on my system.
> :Just some info. :)
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> :Regards,
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> :  -- Hiten Pandya
>     It fixed some things, it broke some things.  Pretty much standard
>     fare for anyone who has ever done work on the vm_map lock, including
>     yours truely.  John Dyson couldn't get it right, David Greenman couldn't
>     get it right, I couldn't get it completely right... getting it to do 
>     the right thing even under -stable is difficult, which is why I am
>     suggesting that it simply be made into an exclusive lock in -current.

In addition to the fact it doesn't actually serialize the general 
modification of the vm_map {} structure itself, just certain kinds of 
changes, so is easily a primary reason that the VM system as it stands now 
is inherently single-threaded.

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