It seems Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Le 2002-03-19, Søren Schmidt écrivait :
> > > gmake[1]: *** [TocParser.o] Error 1
> > You need to have pccts installed to compile cdrdao....
> I do, and as I mentioned in my first message, the compileation completed
> after a gmake distclean.

> > These utils are ATA only (as the name implies), if our ports people
> > wants to merge it into whats already there I wont complain :)
> > That said I think the ATA only version covers more than a significant
> > percentage of our userbase....
> > 
> In which case I'll be more than happy to continue maintaining ATAPI/CAM
> as an alternative solution, which addresses 100% of our user base and
> does not impose any additional work upon application authors or port
> maintainers.

I thought there was work on this already ? Justin called for a timeout
to get it done "the right way" in CAM, I was sort of expecting to
hear about how that should integrate in the ATA/ATAPI world...

However, I will maintain the ATA/ATAPI only cd/fd/tape drivers as I have
a use for them, be it in the official sources or locally, that all depends
on how the cake is to be cut...


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