It seems Scott Long wrote:
> In the past you've objected to ATAPI-CAM on two grounds, fear that it
> won't be done right, and fear that it will add more work to yourself.  I
> think that there are enough highly intelligent people interested in the
> project that the first issue can be put to rest.  While I highly respect
> what you have done with this port, I think that you are eroding your
> defense of the second issue.  I fail to see how porting (and presumably
> maintaining) a multitude of CD utilities will be less work for you than
> allowing someone to put a CAM hook into your acd driver, and then
> sitting back as they maintain that work.

I released these mods (which was actually done over a year ago on a
contract, but I couldnt release them until now) just so people
experiencing problems could try that route. This could reveal
the problems that some has with burncd, and which I would like
to get fixed, even if the 'pure' ATAPI driver suite is to be
replaced with CAM (I have a use for it at least without CAM)..
I was trying to be helpfull here, so please take a deep breath
before accusing me of anything else..

> If you object to ATAPI-CAM, just come out and and admit it.  This isn't
> a battle of egos of wills, and nobody is trying to discredit your work. 
> You are a valuable member of the FreeBSD community, and everybody
> appreciates the work that you have put it.  ATAPI-CAM is not meant to
> replace you, since we still need your expertise in every other part of
> the ATA/ATAPI/IDE framework.  It is meant to help users who want a
> simple way to do cool stuff with their ATAPI devices.

I have said repeatedly on these lists, that I have no problem with CAM
as long as the integration is done in a sensible way, and that I am
not the one to maintain the CAM translation layer.
I was under the impression that Justin was working with you guys on
how to do this right from the CAM perspective, at least that was the
way I interpreted his mail to this list. I'm not the one slowing
things down here, so please point your flak in another direction :)

However, the 'pure' ATAPI drivers will continue to live since I have
uses for it, if its not to be in the official sources, thats something
I'll have to consider how to handle then...


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