On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Steve Kargl wrote:

> A long time ago I submitted PR misc/17848 which
> removes CSRG libm sources.  The audit trail shows
> some commentary, but AFAICT nothing much has been
> done based on that commentary.   With the upcoming
> release of of 5.0, I think we should consider the
> removal od CSRG libm and the repo copying of msun
> to libm; otherwise we'll drag CSRG libm around
> until 6.0.

OK, I will remove libm after repo-copying the interesting parts of it
to libm.  I'm not sure about repo-copying msun back to libm.  It would
would only create a small mess because they have only one file in
common (the top-level Makefile).  In general, repo-copying back can't
be done without creating a large mess, because copying would clobber
all the old history.


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