On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Steve Kargl wrote:

> I re-read the audit trail of the PR.  You list two items:
> gamma() should become tgamma(); and, (lack of) the use
> of __pure2.  I was planning to compare our msun against
> NetBSD and merge any appropriate changes (if any exists).
> Do you have any patches for msun that you might commit
> in the future?

I created tgamma() from the BSD gamma() and will commit after a
repo-copy.  The changes are simple, and  clean enough except
gamma.c needs parts of exp.c and log.c.

I forgot about the missing __pure2 in <math.h>.  (It prevents gcc
doing optimizations like moving sqrt(2) out of loops.) There is
another thread on freebsd-standards about _MULTI_LIBM support.  I
want the errno support completely removed so that we have a chance
of declaring math functions as __pure2 unconditionally.  But maybe
we can't do this anyway, because math functions normally have the
side effect of setting IEEE exception flags.  Can we do things like

double sqrt(double);
double sqrt(double) __pure2;


> Also, are functions missing in libm with respect to the
> C99 standard?  I would be willing to work on implementing
> these functions.

Most are missing, if you count long double and complex support.  Only
a few are, for double support.  I noticed some easy ones like
isnormal() when I scanned the C99 draft standard today to check the
status if infnan.3.


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