On Friday, 22nd March 2002, "Ilmar S. Habibulin" wrote:

>On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Stephen McKay wrote:
>> It's been quite a while since I updated my -current box, but when I did,
>> I was surprised to find that my DE500 network card (21143 chip) had stopped
>> working.  The switch showed no link.  Ifconfig showed "no carrier".
>I've had the simular problem. Now i have media option set to needed value
>in ifconfig_dc0 variable. This helped.

What sort of card do you have?  The output of dmesg would help.  Have you
tried 4.5 on this machine?

Of course the dc driver should autonegotiate (and does so when I revert
rev 1.56).  Your info could help trace this problem.


PS I'm now assuming the number of -current users that use PNIC and Davicom
cards with the dc driver is exactly zero.  Oh well.

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