On Monday, 25th March 2002, "Ilmar S. Habibulin" wrote:

>On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Stephen McKay wrote:
>> What sort of card do you have?  The output of dmesg would help.  Have you
>> tried 4.5 on this machine?
>I have some noname nic with Intel 21143 chip. dmesg attached. I'm using
>only trustedbsd_mac branch on my ws.

Yours seems to be the same as mine (from a chip and phy point of view)
although mine has a DEC assigned ethernet address and yours is from
Telebit.  I don't think that difference matters.

>> Of course the dc driver should autonegotiate (and does so when I revert
>> rev 1.56).  Your info could help trace this problem.
>Well, i don't think this is the problem. Hardware became too much
>inteligent now a days, so one have to use his own hands to make this
>hardware work like user wants it to work. Maybe just put some FAQ about
>dc(4) and autoconfigurable hubs/switches?

Some things can be blamed on attempted intelligence gone wrong.  But not
this one.  This is a simple bug.  My card works perfectly under 4.5.0
on the same machine.  It fails with -current.  But with one change
reverted, it works again.  Now all I have to do is work out what is
the real underlying cause, since the current code looks right at first
glance.  At least I have the old DEC datasheets, and some info on some
of the clones.


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