Gregory Neil Shapiro wrote:
> keramida> I am not sure if duplicating the code of etc/rc in
> keramida> etc/mail/Makefile is something I am really happy about though.
> keramida> This means that anyone who wants to make changes to etc/rc should
> keramida> remember to update etc/mail/Makefile too.
> Yes, I really hope the /etc/rc.d work in -CURRENT picks up again so
> /etc/mail/Makefile can just call that.  Alternatively, I could just
> go ahead and create /etc/rc.sendmail but I might get some flack for doing
> that.

If it would let you delay sendmail startup until the
milter daemons kick in, I'd vote for it.

AFAICT you're on you own if you need to do this
at present.

>From our unsubtle hint department:
Now it's in the base system I'm seriously
considering hacking /etc/rc to accept

BTW I just upgraded (was using 12.2 port). I included
the milter patch and SASL. No problems so far. Three
cheers for GNS...

ian j hart

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