On Mon, 25-Mar-2002 at 23:58:23 -0800, Gregory Neil Shapiro wrote:
> An issue came up on freebsd-stable today regarding the boot-time startup of
> sendmail for users who are using other MTAs.  The end result was that users
> needed a way to completely prevent sendmail from trying to start at boot
> time.
> The current order of operations at boot time is:
> # MTA
> if ${sendmail_enable} == YES
>       start sendmail with ${sendmail_flags}
> else
>       if ${sendmail_outbound_enable} == YES
>               start sendmail with ${sendmail_outbound_flags}
>       if ${sendmail_submit_enable} == YES
>               start sendmail with ${sendmail_submit_flags}
> endif

One thing I don't understand here (for the case someone sets
${sendmail_enable} to NO):

Both, ${sendmail_outbound_enable} and ${sendmail_submit_enable} are
on by default. ${sendmail_outbound_flags} ist set to:

"-L sm-queue -q30m"

so the (var/spool/mqueue) queue is run regularly. Additionally,
${sendmail_submit_flags} is set to:

"-L sm-mta-submit -bd -q30m -ODaemonPortOptions=Addr=localhost"

Wouldn't the latter one be enough to run the queue because of the -q30m?



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