On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, George Michaelson wrote:

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> > Well, what do you want to do? Virtually all of the ACPI bits are exported
> > to the hw.acpi sysctl tree.
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> apm presents as a commandset which does ... not much. soft-off the box,
> sleep mode, thats it.

soft-off is handled by ACPI -- hit the power key and watch the system shut
down cleanly :)

"Sleep mode" is handled by the ACPI power states (as you find below).

> acpi offers cpu respeed, fan control, thermal management interactions,
> better halt-on-lid stuff. I wondered if there was a set of known gotchas
> about trying to do any of that stuff, man (9) acpi is a non-existant file
> so it doesn't look like its heavily documented yet. acpiconf does the
> 6 sleep modes (cute, that the usage shows 1|2|3|4|4b|5) but there isn't
> much explanation of them, and it doesn't touch the fan, or the thermal stuff.

The thermal control is (supposed to be) handled by the operating system
automatically. The power states are in the ACPI spec.

This stuff is still under development so some features may not be fully
implemented. :)

> since the systems config still includes apm controls, I am assuming that
> we keep both, but people need to be warned|told which are 'safe' and what
> happens if you enable apm and acpi simultaneously.

Actually, when you go into ACPI mode, APM is disabled.

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