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03/28/2002 05:07 AM

        To:     "Robert L Sowders" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Gregory Neil Shapiro 
        Subject:        Re: The sendmail discussion...

|On Thursday 28 March 2002 06:39 am, Robert L Sowders wrote:
|| Greg is absolutely correct.
|| These whiners, who constantly moan for code while never contributing 
|| should contribute the code if they want it changed.
|| Also I shudder to think that those who customize their systems would
|| actually learn how to use all the tools available to them to prevent a
|| makeworld from overwriting or undoing their customizations. :)

|I was sorta wondering about that . . .

|The whole mailwrapper takes care of this anyway, doesn't it?  At least 
|what it's there for . . . don't you just re-install the port and voila! 
|is good again?

|| I wish that we could assign a bitch rating to some of these emails. Say 
|| sliding bitch scale depending on how much code the bitchee has
|| contributed.  Then they could easily be filtered to /dev/null.
|| Waddayathink? ;)

|So what you are saying is that you never want people to use (or at least 
|customize) FreeBSD unless they are FreeBSD developers?

My original email was from anger and I'm sorry, what I should have said 
was that people that customize their systems and then want to upgrade it, 
should learn to use make.conf and cvsup refuse files so their 
customizations don't get over writtian, or at least not complain about it 
when it does if they can't be bothered.  I also believe that the NetBSD 
syspkg idea is neato.

My apologies to everyone.

|That's the most extreme version of "we won't care about who uses it" that 

|I've ever heard.  The fact is, it's a lot more convenient for all FreeBSD 

|users if the user base is expanded because it makes hardware and software 

|vendors pay more attention to FreeBSD.

Ok beat me whip me, I been bad, I know. But I do care none the less.

|So *some* accomidation to people who are at least willing to get their 
|dirty with scripts is in the interest of the entire FreeBSD community. 
|you don't want to lose all the benefits of FreeBSD in a mad rush to 
|accomodate the masses -- I left the Linux fold in part becuase I felt 
|the mainstream distributions, at least, were going too far to do that, 
|it's certainly possible to go too far in the other direction as well.

|| Much ado about nothing, so far, RTFM.

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