On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Nate Williams wrote:

> > > (my company demands
> > > that all software I write, including in my own free time, is copyright by
> > > them)
> >
> > You need to move to California, where this is against the law.
> Every California company I've worked for has made me sign a statement
> with the above stipulation.  In order to avoid this, I was required to
> specifically describe projects I worked on prior to my employment that
> were immune from these restrictions.

Disclaimer: IANAL. California code 2870 states that any invenvtion created
without using the employer's equipment, supplies, facilities, or trade
secret information and unless the invention was conceived for the existing
business or research and development, or it resulted from work that the
employee did for the employer that you own it, period. That right cannot
be signed away.(illegal provisions of contracts are unenforceable.)

Consult your attorney, yadda yadda.

                               Patrick Greenwell
         Asking the wrong questions is the leading cause of wrong answers

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