On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 11:01:25AM +0100, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Le 2002-03-29, Will Andrews écrivait :
> > SSH should just be fixed to DTRT when one doesn't have S/Key
> > setup on the server...
> As far as I can understand the sources, this has been implemented
> in rev. 1.10 of src/crypto/openssh/auth-skey.c.

It is still wrong.  A correct password prompt gives the S/Key(OPIE)
challenge and accepts either the Unix or S/Key(OPIE) password.
Something is still very wrong:

    ssh  foo@releng4
    otp-md5 350 re9786 ext
    S/Key Password: 
    otp-md5 134 re2584 ext
    S/Key Password: 
    otp-md5 417 re5381 ext
    S/Key Password: 
    otp-md5 198 re2571 ext
    S/Key Password: 

Uh, why does my sequence keep changing when I just hit <return>???
And this will not accept my Unix password until I enter garbage _3_ times,
then I finally get a Unix password prompt.

Hello, DES?  Have you seen this thread?

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