>> In a somewhat unrelated note, I also plan on arranging to move the
>> sendmail-specific stuff out of src/etc/mail/ and into src/etc/sendmail so
>> the installation of things like sample sendmail maps, etc. don't clutter a
>> NO_SENDMAIL installation.  I'll need to arrange this event with the CVS
>> repomeisters.  Hopefully, this change (along with the patch) will make
>> things more palatable for non-sendmail users.

andyf> Could you expand on this please?  Why would a NO_SENDMAIL
andyf> installworld install sendmail maps, etc. in the first place?  It
andyf> shouldn't matter what the source directory is.

That's just the way /usr/src/etc/Makefile has always been.  Strictly
speaking, the source files don't have to move, I think it would be more
logical if they did.

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