Thanks to some reviewers, a couple of problems with my last patch have been
fixed.  This time, I've actually tried the combinations involved to make
sure it works.  The changes from the last patch are only to
/etc/mail/Makefile and /etc/rc.sendmail.

rc.sendmail changes:

- Use proper shell variable substitution
- Make it more like rc.d scripts:
  - start, stop, and restart now affect all daemons, not just the MTA.
  - New targets: start-mta, stop-mta, restart-mta
- Optimize by using functions instead of making the script re-execute

Makefile changes:

- Fix syntax error
- Check for pidfile before trying to use it with kill (warn if not present)
- Minor cosmetic changes

The updated patch is available in the same location:

I've also pulled out the two changed files for those who have already

I'll give this new patch a couple of days review time before committing it.

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